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Moody's изменило прогноз по рейтингам АО «Delta Bank» с «Негативного» на «Стабильный»

Дата: 01 февраля 2011 в 12:30

Moody's изменило прогноз по рейтингам АО «Delta Bank» с «Негативного» на «Стабильный»

/Moody's Investors Service, Москва, 31.01.11, перевод и заголовок KASE/
— Рейтинговое агентство Moody's Investors Service сегодня изменило
с «негативного» на «стабильный» прогноз по рейтингам депозитов в местной
и иностранной валюте B3 и рейтингу финансовой устойчивости E+ АО «DeltaBank».
Рейтинги Not Prime (не премиум-класса) депозитов банка в местной
и иностранной валюте остались прежними.

Оценка Moody's базируется, прежде всего, на финансовой отчетности АО
«Delta Bank» за 2009 г., подготовленной в соответствии с МСФО
и проверенной аудитором. В то же время рейтинговое агентство
предупреждает, что его оценка частично включает информацию из
промежуточных отчетов АО «Delta Bank» за первые девять месяцев
2010, подготовленную в соответствии с местной версией GAAP, но
не проверенную аудитором.

Ниже приводится оригинальный текст сообщения Moody's на английском

Moscow, January 31, 2011 — Moody's Investors Service has today changed
to stable from negative the outlook on Delta Bank's B3 local and foreign-
currency deposit ratings and the E+ bank financial strength rating (BFSR).
The bank's Not Prime short-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings
remain unchanged.

Moody's assessment is primarily based on Delta Bank's audited financial
statements for 2009 prepared under IFRS. At the same time, the rating
agency cautions that its assessment, in part, incorporates information
from Delta Bank's non-audited interim statements under the local GAAP
for the first nine months of 2010.


The change of the outlook on the bank's ratings was triggered by the
most recent KZT3 billion (USD20 million) injection into the bank's
capital. «The injection of the bank's capital has bolstered Delta Bank's
shareholders' equity and should help Delta Bank to qualify under the
new minimum capital requirements effective from July 2011,» says Semyon
Isakov, a Moody's Assistant Vice-President — Analyst and lead analyst
for the bank. Delta Bank's unaudited shareholders' equity reached
KZT11.6 billion (US$79 million) as of YE2010 following the injection.
The current volume of equity is considered comfortable by Moody's,
taking into account the minimum equity requirement of KZT10 billion,
effective 1 July 2011.

According to Moody's, Delta Bank's E+ BFSR, which translates into
a Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) of B3, reflects: (i) the bank's
vulnerable liquidity profile, given its reliance on the short-term
and concentrated corporate deposit base; (ii) very high exposure to the
agriculture sector, coupled with the high single-name concentrations
to grain traders prevailing in the loan book; (iii) in Moody's view,
low transparency of shareholder structure and (iv) historically high
credit risk appetite. More positively, the rating reflects the high
level of regulatory capital adequacy and high net interest margin that
help the bank to maintain sound recurring earning power in order to
absorb ongoing credit losses.

Delta Bank's B3 local and foreign-currency deposit ratings incorporate
Moody's assessment of no probability of systemic support, and are based
on the bank's BCA of B3.

Negative pressure could be exerted on Delta Bank's BFSR and local-
currency deposit ratings in the event of a material deterioration
in its liquidity profile or in asset quality, resulting in substantial
contraction of regulatory capital. Conversely, an improved liquidity
profile and a substantial decrease in loan concentration levels, both
by sector and by names, could exert upward pressure on the bank's
deposit ratings.

Moody's previous rating action on Delta Bank was implemented on 24
February 2009, when the E+ BFSR and B3 deposit ratings were confirmed
with a negative outlook.

The principal methodologies used in rating Delta Bank were «Bank
Financial Strength Ratings: Global Methodology», published in February
2007, and «Incorporation of Joint-Default Analysis into Moody's Bank
Ratings: A Refined Methodology», published in March 2007.

Headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Delta Bank reported local GAAP
total assets of KZT38.1 billion, shareholder equity of KZT8.4 billion
and net income of KZT31 million at end-September 2010.

Semyon Isakov
Asst Vice President — Analyst
Financial Institutions Group
Moody's Eastern Europe LLC
Telephone: +7 495 228 6060
Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091

Yaroslav Sovgyra
VP — Senior Credit Officer
Financial Institutions Group
Moody's Eastern Europe LLC
Telephone: +7 495 228 6060
Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091

Moody's Eastern Europe LLC
7th floor, Four Winds Plaza
21 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St.
Moscow 125047
Telephone: +7 495 228 6060
Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091


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